Common Mercedes Issues

Problems to Look For Before Buying a Mercedes

For many drivers, a Mercedes is at the top of the list when it comes to dream cars. Maybe you’re one of them and you’ve considered having a Mercedes since you put up a poster on your wall in high school. While Mercedes does make amazing vehicles, they’ve also become known for having certain issues that need repair. You may want to consider these common issues before purchasing a Mercedes for yourself or a family member.


Rust can be the bane of any car maker and all vehicles are susceptible to rust, but Mercedes has been known to rust more quickly than you might expect from a luxury, high-end vehicle. Rust can be a bigger problem in older, used Mercedes, but has been known to develop in newer models as well. You may find rust along the floorboards, under the wheel wells and even behind the license plate. It’s important that you protect your Mercedes and care for any rust spots to avoid major damage.

Brake Issues

Some Mercedes drivers report having “sticky brakes.” When the brakes are engaged and then released, they stick, making forward movement difficult and possibly putting the driver in danger. This type of issue requires immediate repair. Other brake problems like vibration, noise or weakened braking are less dire and more common. These issues are likely caused by dirt in the brakes and are easily remedied by your Mercedes repair shop.

Transmission Issues

For the most part, Mercedes–as well as other German manufactured vehicles–are known for their smooth transmissions. Mercedes built after 1995 are known for having transmission fluid leaks that can lead to more serious issues with the vehicle. Generally, these issues begin with a component failure within the transmission, so you may consider having your Mercedes repair technician check out your vehicle to avoid further problems.

These common Mercedes issues may or may not show up in your Mercedes, but if they do, you’ll want to take your vehicle to a qualified Mercedes repair shop. If you live in the Carrollton, TX, area you’ll want to take your car to Innovative Autosports for service.

Written by Developer Autoshop